High-Deductible Health Plans

Over the last ten years the concept of High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) has become popular to talk about and for some employers to install. Many people wonder just what is a HDHP and why would I use one? A HDHP is not anything new but the attention it is getting is. Simply, a HDHP is…

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Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness has been a buzz word in organizations for over 10 years. A sick employee is not very productive. Like a machine, a well maintained employee is at work more often and functions better. This all seems great, but how can you bring wellness to your employees? First, let’s start with something a wellness program…

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Why provide employee benefits?

Sometimes it is good to step back and look at why we are doing things the way we do. Why do I drive the same way to work every day or eat the things that I do? Perhaps there are better ways? More efficient, more interesting, or that match my needs better. So, it is…

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