We recently posted a blog entry where the concept of communication was brought up. We will explore this more deeply here and hopefully help you better communicate you benefits to employees.

A long time ago a management guru came up with the notion of motivators and hygiene factors. Basically, motivators motivate employees to work harder/do more. Hygiene factors are things that people expect. If they are there, like lights and benefits, employees take them for granted but if they are not there employees get upset.

This means that you work very hard in the area of benefits to keep employees “not upset”. That may seem strange but think about it for a minute. When was the last time you saw an employee go skipping down the hall singing the praises of your health insurance plan? If you are like most firms, you get many more complaints than compliments (if any) about your benefits.

Putting fairness aside, what can you do about this? The best answer seems to be Communication. That means more than just the annual letter indicating the value of the benefits that are provided or annual enrollment. An ongoing system of communication that covers various topics and various methods works best. Here are some ideas.

If you have a company newsletter or email that goes out to all employees make sure that there is always something in there about benefits. If you don’t have a company communication outlet this might be a good time to start one. It can be written internally or there are always writers looking for work who will craft your message for you.

Is there anyone in the workplace today who does not get email? Send emails to employees about benefits related topics. If you want to get really good at this survey your employees and find out what they are interested in. Some might want diet information or tips on working out. Then send that information to those in the database say once a month along with a message about the benefits that you provide.

Become a member of a corporate discount program. This is usually a free service that allows your employees to get discounts for things like amusement parks and concerts. You can save your employees a lot of money and be the “good guy” who provided the benefit. And, since there are always concerts, shows and vacations happening there will always be something to communicate to your happy employees.

What we are suggesting costs little or no money and can help you keep you your employees “not upset”. Employees who are armed with knowledge are better consumers and may even make your job easier. Our goal at KBS is to help you with more than just buying products. We are here for the long run. Our goal is to help you to succeed and to get value from every dollar that you spend.


K B Squared
Winfred Kirksey