Corporate Wellness Programs

Wellness has been a buzz word in organizations for over 10 years. A sick employee is not very productive. Like a machine, a well maintained employee is at work more often and functions better. This all seems great, but how can you bring wellness to your employees?

First, let’s start with something a wellness program cannot do. It will not make every employee into lean, salad eating working machines. Think about going to a health club in January, you have trouble finding a machine to use. But go again in late March, after the good intentions have worn off and the soreness has set in and you could bring a group of friends and all find a machine.   Don’t expect everyone to buy into a wellness program.

Wellness is a state of mind and a process. Wellness programs come in many shapes and sizes. If budgets are not an issue go ahead and install an onsite workout facility complete with a climbing wall, fitness coaches, and classes in yoga, meditation, pilates, etc. If you are outside of Silicon Valley your program might be a little less ambitious. But it can still be of value to you and your employees.

One thing to be aware of with all types of employee benefits is that once they are offered they become expected. So don’t give everything at once. If you design a wellness program and unveil it in pieces over time you get more chances to tell your employees what you are doing for them and to get more people involved. For many people it takes hearing something three or four times (maybe more for some of us) before we are moved to action.

One question we hear frequently is “What can we offer that does not cost too much?” How about a Weight Watchers support group? A newsletter with healthy eating tips and diets? Incentives for health related accomplishments – it is amazing what people will do for a free t-shirt.

This topic is bigger than one short article. We will write more about this but if you want to know more before our next installment, please call us here at KBS and ask for Winfred. We work with clients like you every day to help them achieve their goals.

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Stephanie Kirksey