"Any worthwhile result is the product of a proven process."

First and foremost, KBS is a consulting and advisory firm. Thus, the key objective as a consultant is to improve the condition of their clients. To consistently achieve such a result, the leadership at KBS produced the following four step process.

Discovery & Research

In this initial phase, KBS will walk the client through a series of questions while carefully listening and analyzing each response. Then, KBS will facilitate an employee survey and conduct one or more focus groups to help inform the next step of the process.

Evaluation & Design

Now that the key initial data has been collected and reviewed, KBS will conduct a detailed evaluation of possible solutions and plan options. Next, KBS will negotiate the best possible rates for the client and develop the final plan benefits design.

Education & Implementation

KBS will then begin leveraging a multi-channel employee education strategy and design an effective and efficient enrollment approach all while supporting seamless carrier communication.

Lasting Partnership

KBS believes in a long-term partnership with its clients.  Through consistent communication and support, KBS will be able to continue to provide a highest level of service while also helping the client overcome new future challenges.

Let us put our proven process to work for your company.