K B Squared believes in going above and beyond for its client partners.

To that end, this Resources page is filled with various information and tools designed to help KBS’s clients and future clients with issues related to human resources, understanding the Affordable Care Act, getting updates on the latest compliance and reporting issues and more.


HR Resources

KBS clients and future clients can leverage the information here to fully maximize their HR efforts.

This section provides valuable forms, documents, tools and other resources that can save human resource leaders tremendous amounts of time and frustration.

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Compliance & Reporting Resources

KBS understands the challenge around staying up to date with the latest changes to the ACA and how that affects your business.

To that end, below KBS has provided a listing of valuable resources and materials all designed to make the job of compliance and reporting easier.

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KB Squared believes it important to explore the opportunity with their potential clients and give them the opportunity to experience the knowledge, expertise and skill of the firm firsthand. Therefore, KB Squared conducts a short, simple initial assessment with their prospective employer clients and then provides a complimentary consultation. During that consultation, KB Squared will explore the employers challenges and offer valuable insight and general recommendations. Once this process has ended, both parties will have a clear understanding if/how they should move forward together.

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Carrier Partners

Coming soon!


Client Portal

For KBS Clients Only:

Inside KBS clients will access the exclusive information and tools including expert articles, special templates and tools as well as a listing of worthwhile and helpful external resource links.