Our first goal is to understand your objectives - Then we create a customized plan for the best results.

Once KBS has helped the client identify the specific objectives to be achieved, the firm designs a customized approach and plan that integrates the most effective strategies and solutions to help the client turn those objectives into reality.

Driving dollars

Driving more dollars to the company’s bottom line by reducing, containing and even controlling costs of employee benefits

Empowering staff

Empowering employees to protect themselves and their families and maintain their physical and financial health via direct plans

Avoiding fines

Avoiding costly fines and headaches by delivering guidance and support related to the new ACA compliance and reporting regulations

Maximize resources

Maximizing the effect of human resources by providing ongoing HR support and service for the employer to retain top talent.

Do you want to achieve these results for your company?

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Employee Benefits

The strongest organizations understand the more productive their employees are, the more profitable they will be.

At the end of the day, KBS’s goal is to help organizations get the most from their resources whether that means their dollars or much more importantly, their employees.

To that end, as an employee benefits advisor and consultant, KBS does far more than merely provide quotes on the medical plan. KBS provides a wide range of employee benefit related options and solutions to ensure employers can achieve the objectives they have established.

Through their proven consulting process, KBS collaborates with company leadership to develop a customized employee benefits plan and offering that yields maximum value while still allowing the client to contain costs and mitigate the risk of high future renewals.

Voluntary Benefits

A consumerism approach with employees can produce both empowerment within the organization as well as provide meaningful resources

Benefits purchased by employees on a voluntary basis allow them to fill in potential coverage gaps while also letting them customize their family’s own coverage based on their unique needs. In addition, voluntary benefits are very easy to understand and utilize which translates to a healthier and happier workforce.

Finally, providing voluntary benefits can often produce direct and indirect positive results for the employer well-beyond the value provided to the employee.

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Business Owner Planning

Too often, advisors and consultants do not take the time or initiative to determine how a business owner’s personal situation may affect the organization or vice-versa. The reality is that the two are interconnected, and it’s vital there is a clear understanding of that connection and proper planning done to ensure both the owner and the business thrive because of it.

Of course, business owners have enough on their plate, and so it can be challenging to plan for tomorrow when today is so hectic. Nevertheless, having a proactive and meaningful discussion around protecting key business interests as well as establishing the longevity and legacy of the company is crucial.

Whether this work is as basic as a buy/sell agreement or requires a much more in-depth and details succession planning process, the value of this service cannot be overstated to preempt any issues or conflicts as well as to plan for the future.


The highest performing and sustainable organizations are those that understand the value of a workforce is conscious about preventative care and proactive in its effort to maintain the health and wellness of its employees.

A healthy employee population not only results in a happier, more worthwhile work environment but also ensures fewer illnesses, less absenteeism, and fewer claims which in turn, increases productivity and ultimately, drives more dollars to the bottom line – a true win-win scenario.

KBS also believes that wellness should not stop at the employee but continue to the family as well to further ensure the employee is well-able to both be present at work and remain a productive, valuable member of the team.  

Compliance & Reporting

With the new Affordable Care Act and its consistent changes and updates, there are so many regulations and reporting requirements, it’s nearly impossible for an employer to manage it all. KBS provides guidance and support to ensure your organization remains in compliance throughout the year.

Specifically, KBS can provide consistent updates and help employers plan to make sure the implementation happens and no key deadlines are missed.

This directly translates to less scrutiny from the Department of Labor and helps ensure valuable resources are not wasted on fines from non-compliance.

Retirement Planning

Employees can work their entire careers and still, too often, they are compelled to work past retirement age simply because they were not properly educated on how to properly plan for their own financial future.

KBS helps bridge this gap in financial education by helping employees develop plans to ensure they are best leveraging their resources to achieve their goals.

HR Services

KBS understands how challenging and complex the job of an HR manager and director can be. There are difficult issues to deal with, policies to communicate and enforce as well as more paperwork than anyone would ever care to complete.

KBS can provide ongoing support, a powerful employer portal (filled with forms, legal briefs, and more.  

Claims Analysis

This process is very straightforward; KBS can provide full claims analysis to determine what the key cost drivers are and then make recommendations on how to best reduce claims to in turn create more cost effective planning.

Only by knowing the numbers and taking corrective action can an organization truly decrease claims and drive down healthcare costs without having to take away benefits.

Personal Insurance Advisory

In addition to providing valuable services to companies, KBS also provides guidance and consulting to key, select leaders from their employer clients to ensure their personal insurance and risk management needs are met.

Specifically, KBS can provide direction and guidance around family risk management, college funding, retirement planning and key life insurance needs.

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Benchmark Testing

Consistently ensure you attract & retain top talent.

KBS conducts benchmark testing by comparing similar organizations to their client to provide guidance around the company’s benefits program. Of course, a company wants (and needs) to be competitive but that company also doesn’t want to vastly overcompensate either.

The question is: is a business’s benefits package in alignment and competitive with other organizations? KBS not only will help answer that question but also provide recommendations and insight to ensure a company’s benefits package is attractive and compelling to ideal employee-candidates.  

Employee Surveys / Focus Groups

There is really no better way gauge employee understanding and overall satisfaction at the workplace than by hearing feedback directly from them.

The result for the organization is the ability to clearly allocate its resources (not always monetary) for its employees to achieve its overall objectives.

KBS goes directly to the employees as a third-party and administers a survey and/or host focus groups to ensure there is complete alignment and congruency between the perception and reality of what the employees actually want and need in benefit plan design.

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